Fredy Perlman: against the system

A brand new profile has now gone live on the Organic Radicals site, looking at Fredy Perlman, who died in 1985 at the age of 50. The anarchist author and publisher, co-founder of Black & Red Books in Detroit, USA, fiercely and eloquently condemned the modern system of artifice, destruction and exploitation. “The Progress of … Continue reading Fredy Perlman: against the system

Threads of inspiration

Reclaiming the revolutionary wisdom of the past is the title of a new contribution to the articles page of the orgrad website. The first part of this piece is a general discussion of the relationship between radical politics and tradition. This is largely informed by an interesting critique of Guy Debord and the Situationist movement … Continue reading Threads of inspiration

On liberalism and fascism

We have added a new in-depth article to this site: Liberalism: the two-faced tyranny of wealth. This is very much a companion piece to the 2018 article Bringing down the fascist machine. Here’s the list of contents for the new analysis: 1. The rule of money 2. Liberalism as deception 3. Liberalism and fascism 4. … Continue reading On liberalism and fascism

Challenging the system to its core

Never has it been more essential for people across the world to challenge and topple the industrial capitalist system which is destroying the living planet. But never has people’s understanding of the issues at stake been so confused and inadequate! Environmental awareness is co-opted and manipulated by “green” capitalists peddling the hoax of “sustainable” growth. … Continue reading Challenging the system to its core