Technik and totalitarian global dictatorship

Forty-five years ago, dissident French thinker Jacques Ellul wrote about all the contradictions and difficulties involved in maintaining what he called the “scientific-state-techno-economical complex”.

Looking ahead, he wondered out loud how it could ever be kept functioning and expanding in the future.

He concluded, with foresight which seems uncanny in the 2020s: “In truth, there is one way, but only one: the most totalitarian global dictatorship that could ever exist”.

Ellul was already featured on the Organic Radicals site, but we have significantly expanded our profile of this important social critic, too little known outside of his native country.

He died in 1994, but many of his statements sound like clear warnings of the Great Reset to come.

This is undoubtedly because what we are experiencing today is, like all the previous stages of Technik’s advance, the logical continuation of one single process of ever-tightening central control.

The industrial agenda of the thing they call “progress” is unnatural and anti-human and, as such, will never be willingly embraced by healthy and free-thinking human beings.

If subtle manipulation no longer does the trick, as the domination is pushed beyond previous limits, brute force will always be deployed to impose it.

As Ellul understood, it was therefore inevitable that the rule of Technik would lead us to this point in history, in the same way that a road heading in the direction of a cliff edge will inevitably one day reach the fateful drop.

Our revised profile of Ellul can be found here.

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