Resistance: rupture and rebirth

by Paul Cudenec One of the most sickening aspects of the Covid scam has been the fanatical support for the operation from the entity that calls itself “the left”. I have been writing about this since April 2020 and there are various articles on the Winter Oak site seeking to discover exactly why “official” left/anarchist positions align so closely […]

Resistance: rupture and rebirth — winter oak

1 thought on “Resistance: rupture and rebirth

  1. Thanks for publishing my comment on the original post that this is linked to. Daniel Fooks, @DanielFooksArt, is one of a minority on the left who is trying to get others to wake up. Perhaps he could be approached to become a guest author on your main Winter Oak Press site? He has used the term #PfizerLeft to describe those supporting the totalitarian agenda.


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