A cultural catastrophe for humankind

“New guidelines have been forced on to all of humanity”, says the article, referring to “a cultural catastrophe” in which “a new moral and judicial order” led to “the spread of materialistic values over the earth”.

It continues: “This is the great revaluing of all values through which humanity has given life its existing authoritative character and created those norms that today prove neither organic nor assimilable, but reveal instead in their foreign nature that they are always and everywhere a contagion of unending inner confusion and self-destruction through sickness and decline”.

While the piece certainly sounds relevant in the face of the Great Reset nightmare of 2021, it was in fact written more than 100 years ago, in 1919, by organic radical inspiration Otto Gross.*

And the subject matter is none other than humankind’s biblical “fall from grace” as described in Genesis.

Are the dangers from technocracy and its transhumanist insanity so severe today that we are facing a second historical Fall, even deeper into darkness?

Even from Gross’s perspective at the beginning of the last century, the need for a significant rethinking of society was apparent.

In the same article he called for “a backward-reaching revaluing of all values, a will to the reconstruction of the primordial basis for relationships, society, and to the development of culture which may then begin”.

Our profile of Gross has just been significantly expanded, so please do take a look at the new version.

* Otto Gross, ‘The Basic Concept of Communism in Paradisical Symbolism’, 1919, Selected Works 1901-1920, trans. by Lois L. Madison (New York: Mindpiece, 2012).

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